Website Content Creation

Your potential customers are searching for you online! Someone somewhere is typing in words on their computer to find what you have to offer them on your website. Whether is CBD products or informational products, potential customers are looking for your business.                        

So after they hit send, are you showing for them? Does your website rank high for those keywords that your potential customer is typing in? 

If your business is not showing up at a high rank on Google let me explain why:

1 Easy Way Get Your Website To Show Up On Google

How search engines achieve returning valuable search results has to do with what type of words you are writing on the content of your website. 

The robots of these databases look at the way the words are formatted, how words there are and how easy it is to read. 

Then the robots return a result that is the best for what the potential client is searching for. So, if your website doesn’t have the right words, formatted correctly and easily read, you might not show up on the search engines for the words your potential customers are searching for or even at all!

There is an easy way to remedy this. Get content written for your website.

Website Content Creation

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Over the years I have studied the search engine database protocol and have learned that your website should contain at least 2000 words to start out with. This will give your website a good base for content to start with. After the base is set up it is recommended that you post a blog post of 350 to 500 words a month at the minimum. 

The search engines love when you update your site with new content!

If you are looking to get content created we can help. This will be a great starting point on how to get your website to show up on Google.

Just email me at and I will look at your site and give you a customized quote.

Then we will get the content written and send it back over. Then just give the information to your web designer to add to your site.

Looking forward to working with you!