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Business Internet Leads Backstory


Hello! I’m Randi Bagley and I’m the owner of Business Internet Leads. I just wanna tell you a little bit about my back story in this post.

What happened before I started

I used to do IT as a hobby, (Yes some people do that as a hobby ) and I had some of my customers of mine asked me why their information for their business didn’t show up on Google. You see, they were using the yellow pages exclusively to advertise and that wasn’t working anymore. We ended up Googling their competition. Turns out, the other guys were ranking for the photos that they had taken while working for my customer! This got me super intrigued. If I could figure out how to rank them, I could make this a business for small business owners who wanted to have marketing from the internet just by posting their work.

At the very same time, I had this horrible dead-end job that I absolutely hated and it was sucking the life out of me. This prompted me to Google “How to make money” on the Internet and “How to Make Money Without a Job”. Doing this actually connected the dots for me because my clients wanted to show up on Google and I was looking for something that would show up on Google to make me money.

In my years of researching this topic, I figured out you need to connect the business owners with the people who wanna pay money. This is how I started learning about Digital Marketing.

So just how do you make money on the internet or sell your products to people?

Digital Marketing is the answer! Ever since about 2013, I watch countless webinars, bought somebody else’s course and I spent so much money on trying to figure out how to actually make this a business. There are just so many aspects to creating and using digital marketing that somebody solution for some things might not work for others and I see this huge hole in the digital marketing trade and I wanna fill it.

Digital Marketing Sounds Gross

My first goal is to try to get rid of the word marketing because I personally hate it and I think it turns everybody off I don’t like the word marketing so I’m not working on not saying digital marketing. If I do, it’s only because that’s a great word everything that encompasses what I’m trying to do for people.


I desire to sell services that people need. I aspire to help their businesses make more money at affordable prices off the bat. I want my clients to give me the least amount of money for the most return. And even though I am trying to do this at an inexpensive rate I still want them to see tremendous value.

Feel Free to Contact

So that’s why I started Business Internet Leads and I hope that we can work together or if you guys have any questions leave them below. Thank you!

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