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4 Reasons Why Online Marketing Services Are Usually Depressing

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Do you hate search engine optimization marketing services?


I honestly don’t blame you. They are the worst. They take advantage of you, they rob you blind, deliver poor service and half the time have no idea how to deliver the solution you need. Let me explain why I feel this way and the warning signs you need to watch out for when you are looking for an SEO solution online. 


You Never Know Who’s Running The Show

One of the biggest issues with SEO marketing services is that you can never be sure who you’re dealing with. Nine times out of ten they’re not even in the country! If you’re trying to rank in America you have to wonder how a team in India is going to know what you need. 

The reality is that they won’t because SEO trends aren’t always international. Attempting to form a business relationship with an international company will also mean that there could be communication issues. This can make it more difficult to get the service you want, need and more than likely paid an arm and a leg for! 

This is one of the reasons why I always make myself completely available to my clients. I’m only too happy to meet them in person because I think there’s a lot to be said for face to face meetings. It provides a clear form of communication and keeps everything transparent. 

They Sell Things You Don’t Need

Even the term SEO marketing bugs me beyond belief. Marketing suggests a sales pitch. We don’t like selling things people don’t need.

 It’s a lot like when someone rings your home and try to sell you new windows when your current windows are fine. What you actually need is a new washing machine. But they don’t know that because they don’t know you and neither do these SEO companies. 

They don’t know what your website needs so they deliver a cookie-cutter service with everything including the kitchen sink. It’s excessive, it’s expensive and there’s another issue.

It Doesn’t Work! 

Some of my clients have experienced horrendous ordeals with ‘SEO marketing experts.’ After spending $800 a month they have seen…nothing. No improvements, no changes to ranking, nothing, nada, zilch. 

Of course, if you put these companies under the microscope it’s easy to see why they can’t deliver. Their sites often don’t have high rankings themselves and don’t even have the basic stuff like an SSL. This is a standard security feature that virtually every site should have and most SEO pros don’t. 

A lot of these sites are shady and the ones that aren’t have forgotten a crucial detail.

SEO Should Be Simple

The big secret that these sites don’t want you to know is that you don’t need to spend a fortune to gain results online. All you need to do is ensure your site is technically sound with great, keyword-driven content that provides a funnel for potential customers. That’s what you want, that’s what Google wants to see and that’s what business owners need. 

A simple solution that delivers and cuts through the nonsense that you’ll find from the self-proclaimed SEO marketing pros elsewhere online. They are nothing short of the cold callers of the digital realm, attempting to sell you things you don’t need, don’t want and that – most importantly – don’t work.

Where Business Internet Leads Comes In

We don’t want you to get sucked into someone overseas who doesn’t communicate or tell you what is going on. We want to be your home bases technology solution for you and your business. We are real Michiganders who understand the internet

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