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How to get Local Internet Leads Yourself!

All small businesses need customers. It is what fuels their cash flow and well, keeps them open for business. If you can funnel local internet leads to your door, you will have customers for your business!

Getting Local Internet Leads

Past Lead Generations Strategies

Back in the day, you used to hear the phrase “Location, Location, Location!” This phrase is not in the midst of changing to something like, “Digital Marketing, Digital Marketing, Digital Marketing!”

Now your business MUST on the internet. You cannot just put an ad in a yellow book anymore! Hell, even a magazine might not return much return on investment.

Present Internet Lead Generation

The Yellow Pages are dead, print media is on the downfall. Where are you going to advertise your business? Why the internet of course! More internet organic traffic will really boost your business if you work at it.

Local internet lead generation will be the #1 client attractor for almost any business in today’s age. If you don’t content market you might miss half or even all of your potential clients. And if you are a business owner you know, clients = revenue. Content Marketing is a must

Content Marketing Strategy for Small Business

  • Blogging
  • Social Media Posting
  • Email marketing
  • Reviews
  • SEO on blogs & main website
  • Reputation management

Blogging Lead Generation Process

When you pinpoint the transactional keywords for your business, then write an excellent blog post about that keyword while adding your contact information at the top of this blog post, you can create an online lead generation powerhouse on your website! Most people do not do this and they never get any use out of their website. It just sits there looking pretty. Make your website work for you!

When you pinpoint the transactional keywords for your business, then write an excellent blog post about that keyword while adding your contact information at the top of this blog post, you can create an online lead generation powerhouse on your website! Most people do not do this and they never get any use out of their website. It just sits there looking pretty. Make your website work for you!

Social Media Posting for More Local Leads

Every one of your potential local internet leads is well, on the internet. Below we will list some of the platforms we recommend you post on almost every day.

Email Marketing for Local Leads

Are you capturing your customer’s emails on your website and updating them at least 1 time a month? Interested customers will gladly give you their email and you can notify them directly by email instead of relying on the social media algorithm.

Reviews for More Online Lead Generation

Gathering reviews should probably be #1 on this list. When someone is looking for your product or services they look at what other people have to say about them first. Ninety-three percent of consumers say online reviews have an impact on purchasing decisions.

SEO Internet Lead Generation Process

If you don’t have enough words on your website you might not be even showing up for your clients when they search for you. There are also technical things like setting up Google Analytics or Google Search Console that might impede your local lead generation as well.

Local Lead Online Marketing Reputation Management

Engaging with your customer is the most effective internet lead generation strategy. If you just post or let others post about you but you never interact, you can not look genuine. Customers LOVE when you respond to their comments or concerns, even like their post or comment on their content. This means on all platforms, even reviews.

If you made it this far you can see that there are a lot of components to this list. Being as you are a business owner you might not have time to execute all of the above but I encourage you to understand these at a basic level. All businesses and budgets are different so it’s up to you to decide how much you do and how much you pay someone else to do. But if you perform just some of these steps you will start local leads online!

113 thoughts on “How to get Local Internet Leads Yourself!

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