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Here’s a Good Website Homepage Content Checklist

What is a homepage on a good website look like?

I see a lot of websites that don’t have any words on their homepage.

This is not very good for search engines as they don’t have anything to read to see if they should return the result to a potential customer who is searching for your business.

As a rule of thumb, it is recommended that you have at LEAST 1000 words on the home/index page of your business website.

I know that getting something written seems a little silly. But trust me when I say writing is a job. If you don’t sit down and have any idea what to write you will probably just walk away and shrug. Hence, leaving your website baren of words.

Also, let me tell you, your website designer, isn’t a writer. If you are getting a website made from scratch they will require you have content written first before they make it. If you don’t they literally will have almost nothing to work with to build the site.

I’m pretty sure this is why I see a lot of websites without any written content. Even if you do get the website live, most do not have the time to get anything on it to get it to show up on search engines

I created this checklist so if you want to write your own content you can, but also I am going to be using it if you want to pay someone to get it done.

Good Website Homepage Content Checklist

  • Logo
  • Menu
  • Special Entry (log in)
  • Hero Shot
  • Headline (1 line company pitch)
  • Can’t Miss Call to Action
  • Introduction
  • Portfolio
  • Blog
  • Pods (whatever users will find valuable such as products, books, awards, clients, staff profiles, news, etc.)
  • Social Proof
  • Features & Benefits
  • About You & Your Team
  • Subscription
  • Offer
  • Resources
  • Search Function
  • Additional CTA’s
  • Keywords (alt tags in images here)
  • Footer
  • Check contact information to make sure it is thorough

Contact a good website content specialist today.

If you want to get this checklist done for your website, lets chat. You can schedule a meeting below or call me to chat.

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