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Free Small Business Digital Marketing Training

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Get Free Small Business Digital Marketing Training

After a year and 7 months of trying to make a social media agency that would not only benefit my customers but would also provide me with honest work for my talents, I had to call it quits. You see I wanted to help my friends and family get into digital marketing to help grow their businesses. Because let’s face it, if you aren’t online creating content, does your business even exist in today’s age?

I really wanted to be able not only to do the creative work of photos and writing but also the technical work of getting a social media profile up, running, and growing. The more people see your business, the more you post the more story you tell, the bigger your business will grow.

The problem with that is, entrepreneurs, don’t have money! I couldn’t pour my heart and soul into making them more money then ask them to pay me what I was worth in the first place. You know when you change prices as a business owner, people get pissed. I personally would never ask for more than what I knew I was worth and I hate when I have to raise prices unexpectedly. So, unfortunately, my plan to grow this into a business of helping others was just not as feasible as I thought.

But before I throw in the towel on this concept of helping small businesses with their digital marketing, I thought I would just start creating my own free content instead. Instead of doing the work for money, I could just practice what I preach and hopefully, they will follow along!

That’s when I found this course . The US Small Business Administration actually has a free 4 section course on marketing. This includes a section on Social Media Marketing that has 18 videos as well as a worksheet.

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