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The Sad Truth about Affordable Local SEO Services

affordable seo services

Need Affordable Local SEO Services?

Don’t we all. And this hurts, it really does, I really wanted to be able to bring my people affordable local SEO services… I really did.

I started with a great business idea. One that would have me helping my friends and family business owners scale their businesses while getting paid to help them do so. I thought affordable local SEO services were going to be my niche. My place in the world that I could bring my talents together for them. I thought of a world where instead of paying the Yellow Book for an ad, my local small business owner friends could showcase themselves efficiently and effectively.

I was going to help them figure it out and after I gathered up all of my information I was going to be able to bring a budget-friendly solution where no longer would my clan need to pay for ad space but just create content and market for themselves.

Then reality hit.

I studied for years, spent about 5k a year figuring out how to spend less and less money to actually make my dream work. Sounds ironic but that is what I was looking for, simple solutions that won’t break the small business bank.

After a while, I brought all my knowledge and wisdom to my tribe. I worked for them to make sure their businesses grew, figuring they would want to pay me after I made them more money for their business. But the problem is, none of them could pin down exactly why their business grew, even though after I did my SEO magic I saw their businesses double. I did all the work for free and just used what I had learned studying but I could not quantify the value of what I was doing for them.

What I have learned is that the internet is a fast-paced wild ride that is constantly changing. If you are not on that ride every day you will not recognize the track when you try to get back on and will have to learn it all over again.  Trying to get into the game of helping business owners do complex things that have nothing to do with what they specialize in is almost not worth the time they want to pay you. Again, a small business owner isn’t going to have the money to pay me to build his business.  And even if I can using the knowledge I know now from years of research, I can’t really quantify every single thing from writing website & social media content to sharing memes on social media.

This is why nobody cares about affordable local SEO services, unfortunately 😢. And while I still have this blog I want to continue to figure out and how to bring easy simple online solutions to business owners who need SEO services. I’m just not exactly sure how I can quantify and charge for it. If you have any suggestions please leave a comment below! or contact me below and we can chat!

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Don’t we all. And this hurts, it really does, I really wanted to be able to bring my people affordable local SEO services… I really did.

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